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Information Class Policies and Rate Schedule

Rate Per Single Class $20.00

Tuition 1st Member in Family

  • $60.00   1st Class per month
  • $50.00   2nd Class per month
  • $45.00   Additional Class per month

Tuition - 2nd Member in Family

  • $10.00 Off Total Monthly Tuition Above

Tuition - Advanced Classes

  • $70.00   per month


    • SOLO     $35.00   PER 1/2 HR
    • SOLO     $65.00   PER HOUR
    • DUET     $24.00   PER 1/2 HR PER STUDENT
    • TRIO     $20.00   PER 1/2 HR PER STUDENT

    Performing Classes

      $30.00   per student per month (By Audition Only)

      Class Policies

      There is a one time enrollment fee of $30.00, due at time of enrollment.

      All checks should be made payable to Dancers In Motion.

      All tuition is due the last week of the month for payment of the upcoming month. For example, the last week of January You will pay for the month of February.

      These rates apply whether it is a four or five week month due to the fact that we close on major holidays such as the Fourth of July, Labor day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.

      All fees are nonrefundable.

      All fees are due by the first of the month. "Make up" classes "(missed classes)", may be made up by attending another class of the same level or lower level. There are no refunds, nor can a missed class be applied to another month tuition.

      There is a $15 late fee for tuition paid after the 5th of the month.

      A check returned for any reason by the bank will have a $25.00 charge added to the total.

      Family rates apply to siblings only, not good friends.

      If your child is absent, A make up class can be scheduled with the instructor. tuition will not be altered for absentees. Please notify the Studio if your Child will not be in His/Her class.

      Group classes with under 4 students will only be held for 1/2 hour.

      Students should arive and be picked up on time; if there is an emergency, please notify the studio.

      Schedule is subject to change upon enrollment.